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Hudson Lin was raised by conservative immigrant parents and grew up straddling two cultures with ofttimes conflicting perspectives on life. Instead of conforming to either, she has sought to find a third way that brings together the positive elements of both.

Having spent much of her life on the outside looking in, Hudson likes to write stories about outsiders who fight to carve out their place in society, and overcome everyday challenges to find love and happily ever afters.

When not engrossed in a story, Hudson knits, drinks tea, and works the 9 to 5 in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada.

You can follow Hudson as she pretends to know how to do life.

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Accepted (In My Own Skin series)

ACCEPTED is a 77,000-word M/M romance novel set in New York City.

Cameron Donnelly is an aid worker returned to New York and struggling with PTSD. Tyler Ang is a type-A, overachieving journalist gunning for the top. They meet on the dusty plains of a refugee camp in Kenya and then meet again in the concrete streets of New York. Both are fiercely independent, but if they hope to find love, they will have to set aside their self-sufficiency and learn to lean on each other.

ACCEPTED is book 1 of the In My Own Skin series.

Status: Completed.

Comfortable (In My Own Skin series)

COMFORTABLE is a F/F romance novel set in New York City.

Isabelle Donnelly is a fashion photographer accustomed to brushing shoulders with the rich and famous of Manhattan. Margaret Cho is an aspiring poet and bookstore employee from a solidly middle class family. After a chance meeting in a Brooklyn coffee shop, Margaret agrees to model for Isabelle’s new project and their professional relationship quickly grows into something more. But Margaret feels out of place in Isabelle’s glitzy world and Isabelle doesn’t quite fit into Margaret’s working class life. Can they overcome their differences of class and wealth to find true love?

COMFORTABLE is book 2 of the In My Own Skin series.

Status: In Progress.

Three Months to Forever

THREE MONTHS TO FOREVER is a 45,000-word M/M romance novella set in Hong Kong.

When Ben Dutton is offered a three-month reassignment from Toronto to Hong Kong, he jumps at the opportunity. Little did he expect to meet Sai Hei Kwok, a native Hong Konger who is smart, sophisticated, and ignites Ben’s desires as much as his intellectual curiosity. For Sai, Ben’s youthful idealism and innocent excitement is a breath of fresh air for a corporate lawyer used to cleaning up other people’s messes. Their attraction is strong, but cultural differences, family obligations, and a ticking countdown clock threaten the budding romance. Before their time is up, they must decide if they’re willing to risk it all and turn three months into forever.

Status: To be published by Dreamspinner Press. Coming June/July 2018.

Lessons For a Lifetime

LESSONS FOR A LIFETIME is a 12,000-word short story set in Canada.

Patrick Hsieh is a high school English teacher moonlighting by teaching an ESL course for newcomers to Canada. One of his students is Salim Ras, a refugee from Ethiopia. What begins as innocuous rides home from class grows into friendship and ultimately love. Along the way, there is music, college applications, a Shih Tzu named Coco, and delicious Ethiopian food.

Status: Completed. To be published by NineStar Press. Coming February 2018.

Stepping Out in Faith

STEPPING OUT IN FAITH is a 58,000-word M/M romance novel available in serial format at

Andy Dylan is a deeply closeted priest who has lived his life denying his sexuality. But after a rogue night with Marcus Clayton, indulging in long buried temptations, Andy can no longer ignore the truth about who he is. Can he come to terms with his sexuality without abandoning his faith? Will Marcus stick around while Andy figures out what it means to be a gay Catholic?

Status: Completed. Available at

Between the Push and Pull

BETWEEN THE PUSH AND PULL is a 37,000-word M/M romance novella available in serial format on

Ryan Cote’s life is simple and uncomplicated, despite the fact that he earns a living as a gay porn actor. When fellow actor Erik Fischer recruits Ryan for a new porn movie, Ryan reluctantly agrees. The lines between reality and make-believe quickly blur as their on screen chemistry moves off screen, and Ryan and Erik are left trying to decipher what is real.

Status: Completed. Available at

Embracing the Tension

EMBRACING THE TENSION is a 65,000-word M/M romance novel available in serial format. It is the sequel to BETWEEN THE PUSH AND PULL.

Three years after they part ways, Erik’s and Ryan’s paths cross again in Toronto at the annual Toronto International Film Festival. Ryan is now an editor at an academic magazine. Erik is a struggling documentary film maker. Catching up over coffee, they realize that the spark that made them explosive on screen still remains. But now that the cameras are off, they can finally explore where that spark will lead them. The only problem: Ryan lives in Toronto, and Erik’s still in New York. Long distance relationships can only last so long.

Status: In Progress.